Effective and easy to book solution for brands who require worldwide promotion staff at events

experience staff are a leading Worldwide agency supplying legally employed promotion staff for events. We supply local sampling staff for brands, multi-national companies, PR and press launches. Our staff are experienced and represent brands in a professional, engaging and enthusiastic promotion staff for brands to new customers. sampling  staff can be hired to sample new products, distribute marketing material, encourage sales and promote brand messages to consumers. We work internationally across the world offering an effective, easy to book solution for brands who require worldwide exposure at events. Our office team also offer support on logistics and are happy to advise and work with our clients. experience staff are the best solution for companies who require enthusiastic, engaging and organised sampling staff worldwide.

Sampling Staff

experience staff provide experienced, enthusiastic and engaging sampling staff for marketing agencies and leading brands worldwide. We are logistic experts and support marketing professionals with activations, brand pr launches and technology demonstrations internationally. We have local knowledge of staffing and all our teams are fluent English speakers.  We work with technology, automotive, IT, B2B and consumer brands who require staff to activate their experiential activity. Working with experience staff marketing agencies receive our local knowledge of international campaigns. All our staff are fluent English speaking with event and promotional experience.

experience staff provide the best sampling staff who are proactive and are interested in marketing. Hiring professional event staff will make the most of your activity or campaign. We receive excellent feedback from clients on our service. We engage staff who are actors, actresses or full time event professionals. Our sampling staff are confident, enthusiastic and have great personalities to engage your customers. We also work with multi-lingual staff who can translate and interact with your customers from different countries. We are a fully insured, HMRC compliant, covering tax, national insurance and regularly review our recruitment processes in the United Kingdom. All our international staff are also working legally and we follow employment law worldwide.

Sampling Staff

Sampling Staff are engaged to distribute samples of products to high numbers of potential new customers and promote brands to companies. Often the main purpose of a promotion activity is to make sure that the highest number of new customers sample your product or take home a sample. Our staff are trained in food hygiene if companies would like to distribute food and beverage products. All our promotional sampling staff are engaging, proactive and will educate customers. Providing a small sample of a product is also great way of encouraging sales and social media interaction.

experience staff support a diverse range of businesses, brands and marketing activities with experienced, reliable and hardworking staff to bring campaigns to life. We are a 360 agency and work to advise and assist brands with the staffing process. We fully brief and check in all our staff and communicate throughout the activity.

experience staff sampling staff can be booked to promote product launches and brand promotion directly to new audiences. Promotional activity is supported with a brand experience from sampling, to competitions or celebrity launches. The goal of experiential marketing is increasing sales, awareness and influencing new customers for brands. Experiential activity because it involves interaction through sampling, social media interaction is also measurable. Experiential Marketing can take place via a worldwide roadshow, shopping centre tour, commuter sampling, exhibitions and pop up stores.

experience staff are a member of IPM – the Institute of Promotional Marketing the trade body for the promotional marketing & brand activation industry in the United Kingdom representing and supporting the best agencies and suppliers in the industry.

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