Effective and easy to book solution for brands who require street marketing staff to launch their companies 

experience staff are a leading street marketing agency supplying engaged brand ambassadors across the United Kingdom, Europe and Worldwide for promotional activity. We specialise in providing enthusiastic, on street brand ambassador teams to distribute samples, leaflets and encourage brand activity. Street marketing staff can be hired to sample new products, distribute marketing material, encourage sales and promote brand messages to consumers.

We are a 360 agency and also offer depot storage, full management, leaflet printing, sample delivery and logistics to fully manage campaigns. We fully manage campaigns with reporting and app download tracking and leaflet coding to ensure success and full ROI on investment.

We have worked with leading brands across the online, delivery app, start up, technology and brand sectors to distribute printed promotional material and samples across major cities, busy transport hubs, busy parks in the summer and regionalised zones.

We fully 360 manage street marketing and can provide council permits, printed marketing material, sampling bins, uniform and full ROI reporting with coded material for high return on investment.

We have worked with leading start up online brands across the app and delivery sectors to take their brands offline into IRL customer interactions. We have worked withe brands including Weezy Zapp and Jiffy to supply promotional street team staff for sampling, app downloads, qr code scanning activities and PR stunts. Guerilla marketing generates fantastic social media content and can be used alongside outdoor promotional activity and online marketing campaigns. We have had staff launch brand expansion plans in major cities including London, Manchester, Brighton and Bristol with plans for global expansion.


Thanks to you and your good work.

Your staff were great, it was a pleasure! We will definitely keep you in mind for future events!

Thank you for providing such a great team

Everything went great yesterday, thank you!

The girls were so fabulous on our Superdrug event, would certainly use them again.

Thank you for providing such a great team, they worked so well and fitted in with the brand perfectly.