Connected, relevant social media influencers for global businesses and brands

experience staff are a leading Worldwide agency supplying local social media influencers to promote brands and events. Our staff are hand selected for their relevant social reach and are able to advertise across all platforms including TikTok and Instagram. We supply local experiential staff for brands, multi-national companies, PR and press launches. Our staff are experienced and represent brands in a professional, engaging and enthusiastic promotion staff for brands to new customers. Using social media influencers is beneficial to brands to reach worldwide audiences quickly and in a targeted way. We have social media influencers across the United Kingdom, Europe, USA, Australia, Canada and USA. We hand match all our influencers to brands. experience staff have a specialised interest in the sport, fitness, health and wellbeing industries and also work with young, disruptive technology brands.


Why do businesses hire social media influencers?

Social media influencers are hired to drive consumer demand for a product, service, brand, or concept by directly interacting with potential new consumers digitally. Models are popular for a product launch, event launch or tradeshow as they can be booked according to look and to match brand identity. Promotional models are also known as brand ambassadors or event models, and can be used for event marketing to speak with and engage directly with show visitors by learning key messages and company information.

Why book our Social Media Influencers?

experience staff social media influencers are experienced in events, intelligent, business focused and can speak eloquently about products and services. Our staff will integrate into your sales team and many of our models are multi-lingual and have an active interest in business and marketing. They have experience in a varied range of industries from beauty products, IT products, automobile brands, sport, consumer and technology brands and can adapt and learn about any industry.

experience staff are the leading promotional and experiential staffing agency for brands worldwide. We work with creative and branding agencies who need a global solution for staffing their campaigns. We are a full service agency, with agency experience and field experience meaning we have a 360 view of creating successful events. We staff globally with local bookers and exceptional brand focused promotional and experiential staff.


Thanks to you and your good work.

Your staff were great, it was a pleasure! We will definitely keep you in mind for future events!

Thank you for providing such a great team

Everything went great yesterday, thank you!

The girls were so fabulous on our Superdrug event, would certainly use them again.

Thank you for providing such a great team, they worked so well and fitted in with the brand perfectly.