Enthusiastic, proactive and engaging experiential staff for brands

experience staff are a leading Worldwide agency supplying legally employed promotion staff for events. We supply local experiential staff for brands, multi-national companies, PR and press launches. Our staff are experienced and represent brands in a professional, engaging and enthusiastic promotion staff for brands to new customers. experiential staff  can be hired to sample new products, distribute marketing material, encourage sales and promote brand messages to consumers. We work internationally across the world offering an effective, easy to book solution for brands who require worldwide exposure at events. Our office team also offer support on logistics and are happy to advise and work with our clients. experience staff are the best solution for companies who require enthusiastic, engaging and organised experiential staff worldwide. We work across the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Netherlands to provide staff.

experience staff are the leading promotional and experiential staffing agency for brands worldwide. We work with creative and branding agencies who need a global solution for staffing their campaigns. We are a full service agency, with agency experience and field experience meaning we have a 360 view of creating successful events. We staff globally with local bookers and exceptional brand focused promotional and experiential staff.