experience staff are a team of hard working, experienced, people focused event and experiential experts. We started the agency after working in the field ourselves as brand ambassadors for large clients including Gymshark, Adidas, Weezy, Dior, Lego, Zapp and numerous other consumer clients. Our USP is our understanding of brands, people and brand ambassadors. Our registration is via Liveforce and our payroll is via Paycircle.


Registration is via Liveforce, by clicking this link.

We email, call and WhatsApp staff directly, and also occasionally post on our job board.

By having professional and clear up to date photos, uploading your CV, fully detailing your experience maximises your chances of being selected for work.


Our rate starts at £15.00 per hour, paid via PAYE last working day of the month.

We pay a travel subsidy (detailed on booking). Expense receipts must be uploaded to Liveforce within 24 hours of the job to claim. After 28 days we are unable to process expenses.


We are a PAYE agency and pay through Exhibition Girls Limited. As a PAYE agency, we deduct tax and national insurance.

Payroll is provided by Paycircle.

To access your payslips, you may register and login with paycircle.

Our payroll dates run monthly / from 15th – 14th of the month – payment last working day/ through

This is paid at the time of booking and payment.


Please select option A or B on Liveforce if we are your current only PAYE employer to avoid basic rate tax. If you have another main PAYE employer pick option C – please note that you will be basic rate taxed on the second employment. To allocate more of your allowance to us – please call HMRC.

Please contact HMRC and change your tax code to A or B Liveforce and with paycircle.


Please upload a valid clear receipt within 48 hours of the job. Note that we are unable to accept expense claims after 28 days.

We only accept travel receipts unless notified otherwise.


Please check in via the WhatsApp group, your event manager and on Liveforce.

Please notify the event manager and check in via WhatsApp.

Please note that you will be paid from the time of check in. Any lateness will be deducted from your pay. If you do not check in via WhatsApp we will assume you have not arrived.


Our jobs require clean plain jeans (blue and black), plain white and black t-shirts and clean plain black or white trainers.

For corporate work you will require a black suit, white shirt or blouse and clean smart black shoes.