Weezy Brand Expansion Promotion Staff, United Kingdom

experience staff have worked with the delivery app Weezy since their first launch in August 2020. Weezy – are revolutionary grocery service that delivers quality products in minutes. With 2000+ carefully curated products, we’ve got everything you need: from bananas to baby food, to biscuits and bubbly. We have worked with the brand to supply quality brand ambassadors from their launch in Fulham and across the United Kingdom, We have staffed activations from sampling, qr interactions, experiential, direct sales and customer activities.

We provide hard working, enthusiastic and kind brand ambassadors who learn about companies and products and are invested in the growth of the business. We specialise in working with start ups, next gen and app clients who want to run experiential and in real life activities to engage with their online community and customer base. We 360 manage campaigns with logistic support and full reporting to ensure ROI are met and campaigns are producing the results our brands and clients need.

Weezy Promotion Staff
Promo Staff Weezy
Weezy Brand Ambassadors

Your staff have been great – and have been a big part of our success!