experience staff promotional staff assisted the in-store launch of Vans ComfyCush at Footlocker stores across the UK, France, Italy and Europe. Our staff were engaging in a in-store promotion activity of creating GIFs of customers for social media engagement. Marking this global push, Vans launched its ‘ComfyCush High School’ activation to introduce the new ComfyCush tech. It brought guests back to their rebellious high school days and had them take Vans-themed classes like the history behind the brand and the science behind the sneakers. Now that ComfyCush has gone live, a colour-version of the ads highlighting the new shoe will be posted over half the original ads, bridging together the old and new Vans Era.

We are working across the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Spain for the tour across Footlocker Stores. experience staff specialise in global experiential campaigns and tours for marketing agencies and brands. We are a young and dynamic agency supporting leading sportswear, fashion and influencer brands with excellent promotion staff.

We received great feedback and are looking forward to future promotional activity with the Vans brand across Europe.

Thanks to you and your good work.