Are roadshows and pop ups the future for event staff

The power of face to face lead generation at events and tradeshows to a targeted market is something businesses are undeniably going to miss over the next 6 months. Digital marketing is great but actually speaking to customers and creating a connection and engagement with a brand is so much more powerful in person. With the announcement of the 6 month lead time before an event or exhibition in the UK can run – clever companies are looking at socially distanced ways of still creating experiential activity. We have run street marketing campaigns throughout lockdown for local customers which have been really successful and our staff have only given us positive feedback. People have been really happy to see a smiling face and engage in a safe interaction. experience staff event staff in France have also run a country wide roadshow thanking logistics haulers and truckers with a coffee and voucher. We have also had shopping centre activity running for various brands.  Retail centres are still very busy and stands can be socially distanced and safely run. Pop us and street marketing are also pretty much risk free financially – they can be moved on short notice and being outdoors – do not risk any current restriction. Marketing agencies should definitely be looking at running some roadshow activity or a pop up activity. People are missing social interaction and it’s a great opportunity to differentiate your brand in a crowded digital world until the event industry returns next year.

experience staff are a worldwide event staff, exhibition and promotional staffing agency. We provide legally employed, professional event staffing solutions for events, pop ups and roadshows across the United Kingdom, Europe and Worldwide. We have created thousands of effective staffing experiences for marketing agencies and event organisers. Our agency is a proud member of the IPM – the Institute of Promotional Marketing the trade body representing the promotional and event services industry. We are Covid-19 safe agency and provide safe, social distancing staffing services and best practice for our clients.

experience staff provided local leafleting staff for Weezy–  a local Fulham/Chelsea food delivery app and service. Our staff are supporting local businesses with marketing campaigns – It is really important to remember that not all businesses can market online or find it effective to reach their target audience. Face to face / safely executed with friendly kind staff will really differentiate a brand during this time .

experience staff are a global event staffing agency providing local, legally employed stand promoters, leafleting staff and hospitality hostesses to support exhibitors. We have offices in United Kingdom, France, Europe and have partners worldwide to provide seamless local exhibition staff services. Using locally situated and multi-lingual exhibition staff enables sales teams to expand and is a cost efficient means of growing show presence. Our staff are also able to support multi-language translation enabling international sales between visitors and exhibitors. We are an ESSA – the event supplier and services association member and follow best practice for our leafleting staff services. Our staff are intelligent, proactive and have vast experience of supporting exhibitors from industries such as technology, design, cloud computing, fashion and IT at international tradeshows. experience staff always hand select our staff to ensure they are the best fit for an exhibitor and we strive for excellent feedback and successful events with all our bookings.

experience staff are a leading Worldwide event staff agency supplying legally employed promotion staff and leafleting staff for events. We supply local leafleting staff for at the major United Kingdom and Europe exhibition venues. Our staff are experienced and represent brands in a professional, engaging and enthusiastic promotion staff for brands to new customers. leafleting staff  can be hired to sample new products, distribute marketing material, encourage sales and promote brand messages to consumers. We work internationally across the world offering an effective, easy to book solution for brands who require worldwide exposure at events. Our office team also offer support on logistics and are happy to advise and work with our clients. experience staff are the best solution for companies who require enthusiastic, engaging and organised leafleting staff worldwide. We work across the United Kingdom, Europe and Worldwide to provide staff.



Thanks to you and your good work.

Your staff were great, it was a pleasure! We will definitely keep you in mind for future events!

Thank you for providing such a great team

Everything went great yesterday, thank you!

The girls were so fabulous on our Superdrug event, would certainly use them again.

Thank you for providing such a great team, they worked so well and fitted in with the brand perfectly.